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Voom Starter Kit pro Black

Voom Starter Kit pro Black

The Voom starter pod kit is a simple and elegant one-piece design featuring a 360-degree round-edged body and finished off by a 5-axis CNC polishing machine to ensure perfection throughout. 

The Voom is ultra-thin and slim weighing in at only 16.2g and is only 7.2mm thickness, although ultra-thin they have managed to a 320mAh Battery which combined with the convenient charging dock

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Although the Voom is very small and compact safety doesn't come second place, with the multiple safety features this device will surely keep you going without a worry. There is a smart battery indicator light that will let you know by a series of colours what your battery level is at and if there is anything else going on with the device i.e short circuit. The Battery indicator Light will be RED when equal to or less than 30%, BLUE when between 30% and 70%, WHITE when equal to or greater than 70% and when fully charged GREEN 1x Voom Pod Device 1x Voom Docking Station 1X Pod 1x User Manual 1x Warranty Card
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